“It teaches us that when a single power is united, history will perish”- Concerns about Google’s survival and future

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As a premise, I’m watching YouTube to make me laugh, and I’m also learning. And this article also uses Google Docs for drafts.

One of the beneficiaries of Google. I am grateful to Google.

Japanese education scene in a few years

few years from now, every child in Japan will have a chrome book and will be learning at school.

When the teacher asks, can you quickly look it up accurately below?

It is the basis of learning.

In addition, I am creating a program based on what I have researched.

Search, of course, Google search.

But parents and educators have regulatory systems in place to protect their children from harmful sites.

Children can only see articles listed in Google searches and sites approved by Google.

This is not a fictitious story, but an expected future in the near future.

What’s wrong with this story?

Children create the world only with information selected by Google.

Is there anything useful in limited information?


Do you know YMYL?

YMYL is an abbreviation for “Your Money or Your Life”.

YMYL is an important concept related to Google’s search algorithm.

YMYL refers to categories of web pages that Google places particular importance on.

These pages provide users with important financial information and information relating to areas such as health, safety, law and public policy.

That is, content that can have a direct impact on a user’s money or life.

Google expects high quality and reliability, especially for YMYL pages, and applies strict criteria when ranking those pages.

In order to appear at the top of the search results, it must be a reliable source and have authors with expertise.

Therefore, when creating YMYL pages, it is necessary not only to provide accurate information, but also to indicate the credibility of the sources and authors of the information.

In addition, when providing information on professional topics such as medical or legal advice, we encourage you to include the review and reference of appropriately qualified and credible professionals.

In other words, regarding the information underlined in yellow above in a certain category, Google will review and not post information that is not authoritative or without evidence.

This is a rule born from information damage that actually occurred, and the existence of the rule itself cannot be denied.

Rather, it is necessary.

However, it seems that the information to be regulated is decided by the black box that Google often calls.

The judging categories are published, but the judging criteria are not.

missing information

The first time I had doubts about this was when I had childhood asthma.

When I looked it up, I found countless articles about the mechanism of asthma by doctors in hospitals, but almost no articles written by families with children with asthma.

In addition, he himself suffers from bipolar disorder, but there are almost no personal struggles with it.

Furthermore, if I wrote such an article, it was judged as YMYL, and it was not posted in Google search.

Is this the correct information regulation?

After I began to complain about this, many people said, “Actually, I had an article that I wanted to write, but I couldn’t write it because I thought it would get caught on YMYL.”

I will write the reason in detail later, but Google Adsense is involved.

Future of Japan Part 2

Children are taught how to earn money to learn more about finance while learning with Google-limited information.

One of them is Google Adsense.

Adsense is an advertising system that gives you a certain amount of money when you click on an advertisement on your own site, and many people who write blogs have one goal of getting this license.

You can practice making good pages and earn pocket money. It could also be a performance indicator.

Google color

But this adsense.

The standard is again a Google black box.

nothing has been clarified.

Isn’t this the decisive factor in passing among those who pass? Isn’t this? It’s been speculated, but nothing is known.

One thing that’s clear is that the sites that pass through it have Google peculiarities.

If all future children aim for this Adsense, the net will be flooded with the same Google-colored articles.

One of the reasons for avoiding YMYL articles mentioned above is that there are those who write YMYL articles and do not give this adsense to those who write them.

Google of the future

As I said earlier, I am one of the beneficiaries of Google.

But when I think about the future like this, I can’t hide my anxiety.

I can’t say what to do about the future of a company that can be said to be the best in the world, but I personally think that it should be more fragmented.

I don’t know if Google’s black box is one or more than one, but I think that by dividing it and creating multiple black boxes that correspond to each, region, and country, the analysis will be more detailed.

Now, if that is the case, I think the number of black boxes should be made public.

I don’t think it’s actually a black box, but rather a program called an algorithm, but I think some of its basics should be made public.

Television is declining due to Internet video, but television has a long history, and it will not disappear completely.

Isn’t this because there are many TV stations that have competed for each other’s programs? It also has a network of broadcasting stations around the world.

Isn’t it possible for Google to divide and compete to create better content and grow more?

If you look back at history, big empires have always fallen at some point.

The world is now divided into so many countries that it is balanced. Because each region and each place has a place where you can live with your own thoughts.

I feel like history tells us that it would only lead to ruin if one power united it.

I hope that Google will continue to exist as one of the beneficiaries of Google, and I hope that people who are not dazzled by the great entertainment and convenience they receive from Google and do not feel anxious about the future will read this article. I think.

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