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I am Japanese.
I can hardly speak, read or write English. This article was translated using Google Translate.
Please forgive me if there are mistakes or misspellings that I do not understand.

We had our wedding ceremony at Mishima Taisha Shrine in Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture, under the beautiful cherry blossoms. The photo is from that day.

Unaware of the trials that await each other…



Describe the subject of your blog.

I decided to make a blog because I want people who are in the same situation as my wife, who knew that I have bipolar disorder, to get married and have a little understanding and things to be aware of.

I will share with you my memories of my wedding day.

As expected, my wife, who loves cherry blossoms, had made a reservation for the day when the cherry blossoms were in full bloom.

The night before the wedding, I had a bachelorette dinner with my parents, and they celebrated my marriage.

About difficult situations after marriage

The company I work for is run by a relative whose father is the president. The day after our wedding, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and a month later he was hospitalized.

Despite being the youngest and youngest person to join the company, I was appointed acting president without any succession, and my bipolar disorder, which was originally a chronic disease, suddenly worsened.

About how he himself suffered from manic depression and how it changed his marriage.

Originally, my wife was going to be a full-time housewife and slowly find a job in a new land, but I couldn’t work enough by myself, so my wife came to work at my company to help me with work.

I will tell you how my wife supported me.

The symptoms worsened day by day, and there were days when I couldn’t go to work.

On days like that, her wife went to work, and on those days, she stayed in her futon and was suffering from hallucinations and hallucinations, so she took care of the housework. She is a wife who rarely cries, but when I saw her hiding and crying where I couldn’t see her, it was very painful.

About manic depression

Explain what depression is, its symptoms and causes.

Manic-depressive disorder is a mood disorder in which symptoms of chronically low mood, possibly lacking energy or interest, alternate with symptoms of mania, such as excitable, talkative, or reckless behavior. It is a disease that appears in

So people with depression have violent mood swings, brain agitation, and depression.

This disease is of genetic importance and abnormalities of neurotransmitters in the brain. Treatment methods include drug therapy, psychotherapy, and lifestyle modification, but treatment varies depending on the individual.

I will introduce how I got into manic-depressive illness and how to treat it.

I had my first mental illness in my late 20s.

I was diagnosed with panic disorder.

However, during the treatment, depression and mania phases began to appear prominently, and the diagnosis was changed to bipolar disorder.

Now, if someone with a different disease name has that possibility, I think it would be better to have a long-term diagnosis.

Treatment is mainly drug therapy.

I struggled with various medications and side effects, but now I am stable. But as conditions change, so do drugs. In addition, side effects include being close to the toilet and trembling in the hands.

Therefore, when I go out to play, I need to be careful and I don’t want to be pointed out that my hands are shaking, so I avoid eating out even with my friends.

I also have counseling once a month.

About what kept us married

About what I did and what I was aware of to get over my marriage.

In conclusion, I think it was my wife’s patience and encouragement. In particular, she read all the books related to bipolar disorder, gathered information on the Internet, and searched for treatment methods other than drugs together.

It works now.

Introduce support from family and friends.

Both my father and mother knew about my illness, so they watched over me warmly.

My wife’s parents also knew about my illness, so they watched over me warmly.

Unfortunately, my friend left me after learning about this disease and became lonely.

real outlook

We decided on the goal of what to do in the future to overcome manic depression.

My goal is to make a full recovery, but my doctor says that if I don’t take at least one kind of medicine, it may be difficult for me to live.

However, since I had a child five years ago and have been busy with childcare, I have had more time to forget about my illness, so the situation may change again.

Also, I have a strong desire to make a full recovery for my child.

Introduce ideas about actual marriage and family relationships

First, get an understanding.

If you do not explain properly, you will be in trouble later.
Even if you know your family, I think that people who are thinking of getting married should talk about everything with the intention that the other person will leave.

Otherwise, the worst ending of divorce will be reached after the marriage begins.


Tell them that you want to give courage to others who are going through the same struggles by being honest about how you are suffering from manic depression and having a difficult marriage.

Earlier I used keywords such as divorce, but the important point is not to create mental waves.

Refrain from alcohol and other things that can easily increase your tension, and try to relieve stress from work through sports and arts so you don’t get depressed.

Rest early when you’re sick.

The most important thing is not to break the rhythm, so the point is to make a life plan.

Also, unfortunately, it is wise to consider changing jobs if you are working in a shift system with night shifts.

As I mentioned earlier, the point of stability in manic depression is rhythm.

About the need to deepen understanding of manic-depressive illness and mental health, and to prepare a support system for society as a whole.

Manic-depressive disorder is often disliked.

The other day, I was told that it would be impossible for me to work harder than a normal person until I got the trust of the world because of the disease.

It may be true, but why is it that people who suffer from illness are not recognized unless they work harder than healthy people?

I wonder if it will be more difficult.

Now that I am working from home, the time and place I work is becoming more flexible. We hope that this will create an environment where it is easy to work even if you are sick.

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