【Samurai K】Beetle’s Mysterious Adventure ~Encounter and Challenge with Important Friends~

I am Japanese. I can hardly read or write English. This article is written using Google Translate. Please forgive me if I do not understand the meaning, there may be mistakes in words.

There are many beetles in the world, but Japanese beetles are very popular with children.

In particular, the children’s eyes shine when they see sumo wrestling between males and the strength of their strength.

I tried to keep buying such beetles from eggs to adults for a year. That record.



From July 15, 2022, I started keeping beetles as pets.

We were thrilled when we first encountered a strong and powerful pair of beetles.

Although there were some difficult moments, we found ways to protect and care for the beetles throughout our journey.

The beginning of the adventure ~A mysterious encounter that begins with a beetle running away at midnight~

Unfortunately, beetles are nocturnal, so they escaped in the middle of the night, which worried my wife who was afraid of bugs.

As a family, we worked together to figure out how to prevent further escapes, and in the end we were able to keep the beetles safe.

The Miracle of Growth: The Story of Raising Beetle Larvae in a Coffee Jar

A pair of beetles laid many eggs, so we decided to grow the larvae in coffee jars.

On June 2nd of last month, the first imago emerged.

However, there was a sad moment when one of the larvae was born with a malformation and died shortly after birth.

It was a heartbreaking experience.

Boys and Girls: Diverse Personalities of the Beetle Family

Both males and females were born as adults. A total of 5 males and 7 females were born! To prevent inbreeding, males and females were kept separately.

However, they faced some challenges as male beetles tend to fight when kept together.

Unfortunately, two beetles lost their lives in this fight and one beetle had its horns broken.

I deeply regret that this unfortunate result has come to pass.

Hope for the Future: Challenges and Paths to Growth in Rhinoceros Beetle Husbandry

Anyway, I hope that many eggs will be laid this year.

However, we are also concerned about potential challenges based on past experience.

Next year’s goal is to ensure a comfortable environment for the beetles.

We believe in a hopeful future while cherishing our connection with beetles.


Keeping beetles as pets can be both fun and challenging.

I encountered various difficulties such as desertion in the middle of the night, fights, and malformation of larvae.

Still, we overcame those difficulties and bonded with the beetles.

Interacting with living creatures is a valuable experience, and please experience the joy and responsibility of caring for them.

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