【Part 1】YouTube Kids’ Complete Guide for Parents: Build a Safer Online Environment [Revised Edition]

I am Japanese.

I can hardly read or write English.

Therefore, this article uses Google Translate.

Please forgive me if there are places that are difficult to read or mistakes in words.

My child is 5 years old, but he started watching videos when he was 2 years old, and at first I didn’t know how to operate it, so I stayed by his side.

There are many educational videos that I can show with confidence.

[Part 1] “What are YouTube Kids?”


what does this article say

YouTube Kids is a YouTube app for children operated by Google.

It’s designed to give kids access to safe and educational content while providing a safe online environment for parents.

This article provides an overview and features of YouTube Kids, as well as information about which age group it is made for and safety information.

It also touches on efforts to keep children safe online and features content from trusted creators.

In addition, we will advise you on how to watch safely for children, how to protect privacy, and points for parents to monitor and guide.

In addition, we will also mention the problems and challenges of YouTube Kids and consider the points that need to be improved in the future.

This article will help answer your questions about using YouTube Kids and give you the knowledge to keep your kids safe and engaged with useful content.

Parents will find it an invaluable resource for guiding their children’s online experience safely.

What is YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is a YouTube app for children operated by Google.

The app is designed to be safe for children and allows parents to limit what they can see.

It’s designed to be child-friendly and easy to use, with search results showing age-appropriate content.  

In addition, parents can create accounts and configure settings to control what content their children can access.

Some of you may not know, but there is a dedicated app that can be downloaded on most platforms, such as android, ios, and Amazon TV.

Of course, if you open the site with a browser on a computer, there is a display separate from YouTube.

Overview and Features of YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is a video platform for children provided by Google.

The platform offers age-restricted content and is designed for safe enjoyment by children.

The main features are as follows.

1. Age-Restricted Content:
 YouTube Kids only offers content for children.

2. Forward Features: 
YouTube Kids has the ability to restrict what content kids can watch based on filters set by parents.

3. Monitoring viewing history: 
Parents can see the monitoring history of content watched by their children.

4. Time Limits:
 Parents can limit the time their children can use the platform.

5. Educational content:
 YouTube Kids has a wealth of educational content.

With the above features, YouTube Kids is gaining popularity as a platform where children can access safe and valuable content.

What age group is it made for?

YouTube Kids is primarily aimed at children ages 2-12.

The app allows parents to restrict what content their children can access, so the content is age-appropriate according to parental settings, and the design of the app is colorful and simple, making it easy for children to use.

Use should be supervised by parents and should be instructed in selecting age-appropriate content.

Some people think that it doesn’t make sense. However, even if the age limit is set to MAX, adult content and extreme content will not be displayed.

YouTube Kids safety

YouTube Kids is an app designed to be safe for children, but it’s not 100% safe.

Below are some safety points for YouTube Kids.

1. Content disclosure: 
YouTube Kids allows parents to restrict what content can be viewed.

Also, the content in the app is public, just like the content on YouTube.

2. Cleaning Process:
 Content uploaded to YouTube Kids is reviewed through a cleaning process.

Cleaning is done by artificial intelligence, machine learning and even human screeners.

3. Tailored Ads Limits: 
YouTube Kids never shows you tailored ads.

We also verify the suitability of ads for children when displaying ads within the app.

4. Password Protection:
 YouTube Kids settings require a parental password.

This prevents children from changing app settings.

5. Report function: 
Viewers can easily report suspicious content if they find it.

Reported content may be investigated and removed by our team.

However, parents must select age-appropriate content when setting up the app.

Also, children need parental supervision when using the app.

The feature is that there are few advertisements.

When switching between videos, there will be a toy commercial for the video that will start from now on, but this is also part of the video, and the advertisement is about YouTube Kids.

Monitoring of content viewed by children

There are the following methods to view the content that the applicant views.

1. Use app settings: 
Apps like YouTube Kids allow parents to set content restrictions.

Restrictions settings allow you to limit the content your children can access.

2. Parents and children watch together: 
When it comes to content that children watch, it is important that parents watch it together.

3. Restrict where children watch: 
You can control the viewing environment by limiting where children watch to the shared space of the family.

4. Hand over the rules: 
It's important for families to make rules and agree on what content their children will watch.

 For example, restrictions on screen time, restrictions on certain content, etc.

5. Share content: 
Share and discuss content that interests your child so they feel safe watching it.

By combining the above methods, it is important to establish a monitoring system for children to view content safely.

Efforts to protect children from online dangers

Here are some things you can do to protect your children from online dangers:

1. Teach children about the dangers of the internet: It is important to teach children about the dangers of the internet. Communication at home is important in order to become like this.

2. Minors such as adult content: Home routers and apps can make adult content and dangerous sites minors.

Parents can set restrictions on what content their children can see.

3. Restrictions on social media: When children use social media, parents can restrict the creation of accounts and the addition of friends.

 It is also effective to create rules for SNS and share them with your family.

4.Family communication: It is important for families to clarify the dangers of the Internet and to set rules.

By following the rules, your child will be able to use the Internet with peace of mind.

5. Limit your child’s screen time: Excessive screen time can be detrimental to your child’s health.

Parents can limit their children’s screen time to protect them from online dangers.

By practicing these initiatives at home, you can create an environment that protects your children from online dangers.

In our house, we have a rule that the video is until 8:30 pm.

Because it is an important content about children, it is a long sentenceI will write the first half and the second half. 

Look forward to the second half.

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