【Part 2】YouTube Kids’ Complete Guide for Parents: Build a Safer Online Environment [Revised Edition]

I am Japanese.

I can speak, read and write a little English.

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[Part 2] Recommended! Content for YouTube Kids

The specific program name is omitted because it differs depending on the country or region.


Characteristics of content produced by trusted producers and companies

The characteristics of content produced by trusted producers and companies are as follows.

1. Accuracy and Reliability: 
Reliable producers and companies provide factual information and data, and avoid spreading false or misleading information.

We also explicitly cite sources and sources of data, and may explain how that information was collected.

2.Expertise and expertise:
 Reliable producers and companies often have specialized knowledge and experience and are highly specialized in their field.

As a result, the information and content provided are more reliable and in-depth.

In addition, you can use words that are easy for anyone to understand and communicate in an easy-to-understand manner.

3 Flexibility and openness: 
Reliable producers and companies have a flexible and open attitude to their content.

 In other words, we will always strive to provide information that reflects the latest information and responds to changing circumstances.

4. Social Responsibility: 
Reliable producers and companies have social responsibility.

5. Respect for copyrights and intellectual property: 
Reliable creators and companies respect copyrights and intellectual property rights and manage their own works and content appropriately.

Do not infringe any rights or intellectual property rights.

Content with these characteristics will be valuable to many people.

Content from trusted producers and companies can hel

[Part 3] Tips for using YouTube kids safely

Points to note for safe viewing by children

1. Control Settings: 
The YouTube Kids app allows parents to set parental content restrictions, set timers, and more.

 Make necessary settings from the app settings screen to limit the content that children can see.

2. Supervision: 
When a child is using YouTube Kids, a parent should always be there to understand what the child is watching and select appropriate content.

Parents should take immediate action if content is accessed.

3. Channel Check:
 YouTube KIds has an official channel with parental supervision.

Make sure to choose official channels that offer child-safe content.

When choosing a channel, it's also important to check the channel's ratings and reviews.

4. Comment Restrictions:
 The comments section of videos viewed by children may contain inappropriate comments.

Parents can set to restrict the display of the comment field from the setting screen.

 It is also important to teach children to limit their use of the comment section.

5. Limit Screen Time: 
It is important for parents to set adequate screen time so that their children are not immersed in YouTube Kids contradictions.

Instructors are leading the way.

6. Select content for children:
 It is important for parents to select content that is child-friendly so that their children can watch age-appropriate content.

Parents should therefore choose age-appropriate content for their children.

7. Search Restrictions:
 Parents can set search restrictions on YouTube Kids.

Parents can set search restrictions in settings to prevent children from finding inappropriate content in search results.

8. Set rules as a family:
 Parents should set rules when using YouTube Kids as a family.
wed, where to watch, etc., children can enjoy themselves safely and healthily.

For example, by setting rules such as how much time is allowed, what kind of content is allowed, where to watch, etc., children can enjoy themselves safely and healthily

By paying attention to these points, you can safely watch YouTube Kids for your children.

How to set up How to protect your privacy

There are the following settings for privacy protection on YouTube Kids.

1. Unpublish Profile: 
Parents can make their child's profile private. This prevents users from accessing children's profile information.

2. Delete viewing history:
 Parents can delete their child's viewing history.

This prevents third parties from knowing what your child has viewed.

3. Personal information settings: 
Parents can set their children's personal information.

4. Password setting:
 Parents can set a password for their child's account.

This helps prevent children from accessing inappropriate content.

5. Restrict Adult Content:
 Parents can restrict viewing of adult content.

This helps prevent children from accessing inappropriate content.

6. Hiding Content Settings:
 Parents can hide content that is inappropriate or not suitable for their home.

7. Search Restrictions:
 Parents can set search restrictions to prevent children from finding inappropriate content in search results.

8. Use of blocking function:
 Parents can use the blocking function to block specific channels or videos.

9. Hide Irrelevant Ads:
 Parents can choose not to display irrelevant ads to their children.

10. Account Deletion:
 Parents can delete their child's account if necessary.

As described above, parents can make settings for privacy protection so that their children can use Kids safely.

How parents should supervise and guide

In order for parents to use YouTube Kids safely, the following precautions and instructions are important.

1. Time limits: 
It is important for parents to limit the time they use YouTube Kids to prevent their children from using YouTube Kids in the following ways:  

It is necessary to set an appropriate usage time and prevent children from using it beyond that time.

2. Vote on what content to watch:
 It is important for parents to vote on what content their children watch.

3. Watch Together:
 Parents should watch together when their children use YouTube Kids.

Watching together can help prevent children from accessing inappropriate content.

4. Comment Monitoring:
 It is important for parents to monitor comments on content viewed by their children.

5. Facilitate Communication: 
It is important for parents to facilitate communication with their children. You can prevent access to

Repeated instruction is necessary because the child may not understand the parent's instruction only once.

I used to watch it together because I couldn’t operate it, but recently I’ve been able to use the remote control myself, so I’ve been able to show it to myself more often.

The time limit is also good, but if you finish it, it will be stressful, so I promise that it will be over when this long needle reaches this point.

I’m worried about my health because I’m getting closer to it while I’m looking at it.

Problems and Challenges of YouTube Kids

1. Existence of Inappropriate Content: 
YouTube Kids also has inappropriate content, with a lot of content aimed at children. I have.

2. Autoplay Feature: 
YouTube Kids has an autoplay feature. This can lead children to access inappropriate content.

3. Privacy Protection Challenge:
 YouTube Kids has a privacy protection challenge for children. Some content may collect personal information from children.

4.Health Issues Challenge:
 Prolonged use of YouTube Kids can affect children's eyes and body. Also, using it for a long time may cause the child to lack exercise.

5. Parental burden:
 In order to use YouTube Kids, parents must be vigilant about their children's use and instruct them not to access inappropriate content.

Due to the above problems and issues, there is a demand for improvements in terms of safety and privacy protection of YouTube Kids.

Issues and challenges not yet resolved

YouTube Kids has the following problems and challenges.

1. Content Quality: 
YouTube Kids may contain inappropriate or violent content.

We currently automatically set what your child will watch next based on what they've seen in the past, but this may result in the wrong content being shown.

2. Displays ads:
 YouTube displays kids ads.

Parents should also be aware of the display of advertisements, as they are more likely to be clicked by the content that is attractive to children.

3. Privacy Issues:
 YouTube Kids takes the necessary steps to protect children's privacy, but sometimes these steps are flawed.

Viewer information may be collected and that information may be used fraudulently.

4. Parental Burdens:
 Parents must hold their children accountable for the safe use of YouTube Kids, including voting on content, time limits, and supervision and guidance.

This responsibility is a heavy burden and can be stressful for parents.

YouTube Kids operators need to take measures against these problems and challenges.

It is also necessary to provide parents with more detailed usage guides and strengthen efforts to protect privacy.

After all, it was a list of concerns and points to note, but of course it’s not all bad.

Thanks to the videos, I learned the names of insects and cars, and at a nursery school I was praised for being knowledgeable for my age.

Also, there are videos that teach us what to do in times of disaster and when dealing with suspicious people, so they are interested in learning about us.

in conclusion

In this article, we introduced the overview and features of YouTube Kids.

YouTube Kids is an app designed to provide a safe online environment for children, and a platform that parents can feel at ease with.

When it comes to safety, YouTube Kids has a strict oversight regime and is selective about the content kids watch.

Additionally, efforts are being made to protect children from online dangers, including inappropriate content reporting and content filtering systems.

Featuring content from trusted creators and companies, YouTube Kids offers educational and entertaining content.

However, there are some points to keep in mind for children to watch safely.

Parents should be aware of their settings and privacy practices and should always monitor and guide their children’s online experience.

Also, there are still unresolved issues and challenges for YouTube Kids.

In order to provide a safer and more reliable environment, such as proper filtering of content and improvement of reporting functions, efforts by Google and related parties are required.

For parents, YouTube Kids is an invaluable tool for keeping their children safe while enjoying online content.

However, it requires caution and monitoring. We hope that the information in this article will help guide you in making your child’s online experience safer and more rewarding.

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