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My Challenge – Why and Intention to Write a Blog in a Foreign Language

The decision to write a blog in a foreign language was a small dream in my heart.

For someone like me, who speaks only Japanese, I felt that a translation machine would be a powerful means of communicating with people around the world.

I am Japanese, married and blessed with one lovely son.

However, I am in a slightly different position than the general Japanese.

I have a mental illness called bipolar disorder.

Through my long struggle with this disease, I have faced many difficulties and achieved inner growth.

Therefore, I hope my blog will be a place to share my experiences and opinions about the world from the perspective of a Japanese person, a patient with illness, and a parent.

Bipolar Disorder and Me – Struggling with the Disease and Being a Father

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness with symptoms of intense mood swings, depression and agitation.

I have struggled with this since I was young.

When I was first diagnosed, I was overwhelmed with despair, but with the support of my family and friends, I found hope and was able to follow the path to treatment.

And, with the joy and responsibility of being a father in my heart, I have faced childcare with sincerity.

As a father with bipolar disorder, I devised ways to strengthen my bond with my family.

While facing my own emotions, I learned how to treat my children and tried to raise them with love and understanding.

Gazing at the world – A view of the world from the perspective of a Japanese, a patient with illness, and a child-rearing father

From a Japanese perspective, the world I saw through cross-cultural exchange was rich in diversity and full of new realizations.

As I interacted with people from other countries, I was struck by our similarities and differences.
I was able to experience the beauty of each culture and custom and deepen my own growth and understanding.

In addition, by comparing the experience of bipolar disorder patients in other countries, I renewed my determination to face the disease.

I learned how to open up the future positively while supporting and encouraging each other with friends who have the same disease.

Summary: Challenges to Nurture Global Bonds

Through foreign language blogs, exchanges with people around the world have begun.

I would appreciate it if my blog could be a little bit closer to someone’s heart and give them courage.

From now on, I will continue to take on the challenge of fostering bonds around the world, making use of my experience as a Japanese, a patient with illness, and a father raising children.

We aim to create a blog that respects different cultures and backgrounds and serves as a place to deepen empathy and understanding.

I would like to grow together while valuing the opinions and exchanges of readers.

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